July 2, 2012



June 8, 2012

Shiny sea creatures

June 5, 2012

Is it sad that the 1st thing I thought of with the word prompt “hurry” was running to get ice cream money for the ice cream man?  This was a quick one that I did for Illustration Friday:)



May 20, 2012

Mommy is in sight!  I haven’t finished this yet,but these dogs wait anxiously by the window till they see their mom, so I thought it would be ok to use for the word “sight” for Illustration Friday.


April 1, 2012


The animals are returning from their time on the ark.  


March 26, 2012

This was a drawing I did for the Lenten Workshop Series at work.  I used materials that I had available, just office supplies – a uniball roller pen & a fat Sharpie.  I secretly love fat Sharpies!


January 5, 2012

My newborn nephew has been the highlight of the past week.  Babies just bring a sense of wonder and joy, no matter who you are.  Crazy to think that little being was created from a minute cell, and here he is all soft and warm and fuzzy-headed.  I used my new pan pastels for this sketch.  Anyone ever use them?  They’re kind of cool, I’m wondering why I never used them before!

Pet Portrait Gallery

December 20, 2011


December 15, 2011

The little guy was separated from his mom & siblings.  (He turns out ok though!)


November 12, 2011

So the title is really :”Hillbilly Bridge,” if you’ve ever been to the “Tranquil Walk” in the Smokey Mountains near Gatlinburg, this is what you’ll see.  My kids called it the hillbilly bridge & my youngest said “Oh I hated that walk!”   Well, I guess art is supposed to evoke emotions…..